Is that order in which the trader specifies the quantity and the price of the cryptocurrency that he wishes to buy or sell. You have to take into account that it will only be executed when you reach the desired price. Regularly the commission that is paid in this type of order is maker, but if the order finds its counterpart immediately and the order does not fill the order book, it could be a taker commission.


Is that order in which only the amount of the cryptocurrency that you want to buy or sell is specified, and is executed at the market price at that time. The order can be filled partially or totally, depending on the counterpart positions to the market order and its liquidity. The commission paid in this type of order is taker, since it withdraws liquidity from the order book.

Stop Limit

Is a conditional pre-order that will be executed once the stop price has been reached and then a limit order is immediately activated. The variables to consider are: the amount of the cryptocurrency, the stop price and the limit price to execute the purchase or sale order. In this case the commission can be maker or taker, depending on whether it adds or withdraws liquidity to the order book once the limit order has been executed.